I help people Learn to Trade Forex 
and become financially independent

 With Forex coaching, training and software.

General Skills Don't Pay The Bills
My name is Tyree Thomas Jr, and I realised that the lack of efficient money earnings skills is getting people financial desperation and into an average life filled with hurt. 
I plan to solve it by enriching, educating and empowering you with the knowledge of Forex trading so that you can become financially independent regardless of your current skills.

How To Get Started

All It Takes Is 3 Easy Steps

STEP 1. Watch My FREE Forex

Trading Training

Discover how you can start trading Forex in 4 easy steps without putting any real money down.

 I'll help you formulate a winning Forex strategy you can start implementing for free.

STEP 2. Schedule a Free Forex Strategy Call

Step 3. Start Earning With Forex Trading

Experience a higher quality of life where you can receive fulfullment & abundance in all areas of life.

Here Is My Offer To You

Live coaching with myself - Tyree Thomas Jr

I can help you learn to trade Forex with private mentoring. Every week, we will have a video phone call, where we will review your progress and I will guide you with Forex. We also do weekly team calls with everyone in the group which you can attend if you wish. 

How Can I Help You?

Access to IM Academy learning platform

As part of my mentoring, you will also have
As part of the coaching, you will also get access to the IM academy learning platform, where you have access to hundreds of hours of courses and textbooks about Forex.  I will also show you how to make the most of your learning experience by simulating video calls as if we were in a classroom.

Delorean Forex Trading Product

On top of getting the coaching and the training, we can also help you access the ultimate Forex trading software which will provide clickable trade idea, organised alert trading panels, all in an easy to use web based software.

Who This Is For!

Self-Motivated Adults

Employees that want to learn how to eam more income than you are earning then this is for you!

Forex Learning Seekers

People who really want to learn how to successfully trade forex and become financially independent!

College Students

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Seeking to learn a skill in a shorter block of time that will earn you the the amount of income that you are seeking!

What People Say

Christina M. Williams

Single Mom Forex Trader

"Working with Tyree Thomas Jr. is an absolute pleasure! He is very knowledgeable when it comes to the trading world and how it relates to life."

Judy Robin Gunn

Retiree-Forex Trader

"Tyree really has a gift for Coaching. For two years trading forex for me was challenging, but after working with him, my future turned very bright."

Valentino Crawford Jr

Forex Trader

"Tyree understands how to trade forex and the way he leverages trading forex to create a strong Financial Independence is amazing!" 

Become financially independent

Learn Forex and reclaim control of your life with this new income stream

and start creating a new revenue stream on your own terms.

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I help Forex learners to become financially independent by offering Forex coaching, training and software.